Working Well Moves Online

The Working Well with a Disability workshop will be moving online as part of the Healthy Community Living Program.

This means that the book-based Working Well will be discontinued.

What is changing?

  • Program delivery
  • Facilitator training upgrades
  • Program licensing

Why the change?

  • It was time! The last significant curriculum update was in 2012
  • To integrate it within a suite of curricula for Independent Living

How did this come about?

The Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC:Rural) received a grant to update a curriculum in 2015. The end result is a new Program called Healthy Community Living that includes curriculum updates, brand new curricula, and new program delivery opportunities.

The Healthy Community Living (HCL) program already includes the following curricula and training, and we will soon add Working Well with a Disability.

  • Community Living Skills
  • Living Well in the Community
  • Facilitating Groups Training

What is great about the changes?

Healthy Community Living (HCL) is a national program that has brought together organizational leaders, Centers for Independent Living staff and consumers, and researchers to develop Independent Living skills and health and wellbeing programming that is innovative, adaptive and inclusive. After several years of working to bring vision to reality, HCL is in full swing!

Under the HCL Program, Working Well with a Disability will offer updated facilitator training and workshop content on a web-based platform, and will include media of real people and real communities to enhance the workshop experience. This new edition of Working Well is adapted from the print manual. Online facilitator training will be offered as self-study and can be completed at one’s own pace.

What do I need to know now?

Working Well with a Disability will be launched as part of the Healthy Community Living (HCL) program in January 2021.

  • If you are a current WWD Program provider….
    • October 2020 will be the final month in which you may purchase Working Well with a Disability manuals.
    • We encourage all current WWD program providers to make the transition to WWD as part of the HCL Program and utilize the new training and workshop platform.
    • Organizations may still continue to use the workbooks if they wish, but RTC:Rural will no longer take orders nor provide the webinar-style training for the current edition of Working Well with a Disability.

We are confident you will enjoy all that Healthy Community Living has to offer, and we know that you may also have questions or concerns. We are committed to making this program transition as easy as possible and will provide regularly scheduled updates to keep you informed. You may also wish to subscribe to the Healthy Community Living eNewsletter. Included below are a few frequently asked questions and their answers.

Please let us know how else we can assist you by contacting:

Krys Standley
Research Associate, RTC: Rural
The Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities
35 Corbin Hall, University of Montana
Missoula, MT  59812
(406) 243-2348

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Working Well with a Disability (WWD) as it has been offered and Working Well with a Disability under the HCL Program?

  • Working Well with a Disability (WWD) will still be an evidence-based, peer-led workshop intended for groups, and it still has the same content. Facilitators will still be trained online. The main difference is that WWD facilitators will use a workshop website to lead group discussions and activities, instead of using a print manual. The workshop website also showcases media collected and submitted by HCL program partners and community members, and contains many more resources. WWD offers more ways to meet diverse learning styles and needs.

How much does HCL cost?

  • Just as there have been costs associated with Working Well with a Disability in the past, there is a fee for obtaining access the HCL program and the workshops and trainings within it. A license costs $500 per year, and includes access to all four programs (Working Well with a Disability, Community Living Skills, Living Well in the Community, and Facilitating Groups Training). More information about licensing is available on the HCL Program Licensing website page.

Can I purchase Working Well with Disability without the other curricula in the HCL Program?

  • HCL is a suite of workshop curricula and offerings that must be purchased as a package. 

What is Community Living Skills?

  • Community Living Skills (CLS) is a brand new curriculum within the Healthy Community Living program. The CLS workshop provides introductory information on a number of topics specific to living independently in the community, and is designed with individuals in transition in mind – including youth and people leaving or diverting from institutions. The workshop can help participants practice making decisions for themselves and help them understand all the options in their community.

What is Living Well in the Community?

  • Living Well in the Community is an updated 5th edition of our long-standing, evidence-based Living Well with a Disability curriculum. It is a ten-week workshop for people who want to set goals to support their overall quality of life and wellbeing.

What is Facilitating Groups Training?

  • This training provides guidance, tips and tools for working with people in a group setting. It focuses on understanding the challenges of group facilitation, and how the facilitator can use their personal strengths to help workshop group members meet their individual needs while also allowing for their personal accommodations.

What technology will I need to have for the HCL program?

  • The HCL program was originally designed to facilitate curriculums from a website delivered in an in-person workshop. All of the workshop curricula in the HCL program are web-based. This means that they use multiple mediums to present information, such as with the web, videos, text, images, and handouts.
  • Since COVID-19, we have worked with partners and stakeholders across the country to support the delivery of the HCL Program completely online and to avoid in-person delivery settings.  While the decision to deliver the HCL Program in-person or online rests on the licensed organization, the necessary tools and resources for either delivery method are listed below.  A successful workshop will include the following (in addition to meeting accessibility standards and needed accommodations):

For in-person delivery:

  • A computer, laptop, or tablet with internet connection that is fast enough to play videos
    • The ability to project from the internet-connected device onto a screen or television for participants to view during an in-person class
    • Audio speakers to ensure participants can hear the videos
    • A facilitator or two facilitators who are comfortable presenting from a screen and navigating websites

For online delivery:

  • A computer, laptop, or tablet with internet connection that is fast enough to play videos
    • Access to a webinar or online meeting platform like Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams 
    • Workshop participant access to an internet connected device to participate in online delivery using the webinar or meeting platform.
    • Other helpful tools and tips for online remote delivery can be found on the HCL website

How will I stay informed?

  • RTC:Rural will provide updates throughout 2020, but we also recommend subscribing to the Healthy Community Living eNewsletter by following this link and entering your contact information: