How to Become a Program Provider

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Organizations that wish to become Living Well with a Disability  program providers may subscribe to the program and purchase an annual license to implement it (until January 2019; see Living Well 5th Edition for more info). Once licensed, an organization has permission to give individuals within the organization access to the online Living Well with a Disability Facilitator Training website and materials.

The benefits of establishing an organizational license include:

  • Recognition as an official Living Well Program Provider
  • Unlimited access to online facilitator training, curriculum content, and program updates
  • Access to downloadable program materials
  • Connection to other program providers around the U.S. (and a growing number of international providers)

Step 1: Visit the Living Well Online Training Portal

Visit the Living Well with a Disability program licensing and online training portal to get a “tour” of the training site. Learn more from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Step 2: Obtain an Organizational License

Review the detailed license agreement. If you agree to the terms, your organization may purchase a license via the online training portal and then register up to 15 individuals for the self-guided facilitator training site.

Cost (due at Organizational Access registration)

Living Well with a Disability Program License

  • Cost: $300.00 (US)
  • Living Well Facilitator Training cost: Included for up to 15 individuals
    • Organizations purchase the license and receive individual facilitator login access to the training website
    • More detailed instructions available on the Living Well training website 

Step 3: Register Individuals for Facilitator Training

Once your organization has signed up, you will receive instructions for registering individuals for the Living Well with a Disability training website. Trainees use the site to complete a self-guided training. This is a new training platform recently developed by RTC:Rural. Living Well trainees can access all training materials through the specialized training website. Individuals learn to facilitate the workshop material by going through the curriculum as if they were participating in a consumer workshop themselves.  During the course of the training, trainees watch videos, learn facilitation tips, and complete exercises.

Step 4: Plan Your Workshop

Once facilitators become certified by completing the training, they should begin preparing to host a consumer workshop. We recommend that consumer workshops be held within 3 months of the facilitators’ certification. Review recommendations on how to provide a workshop, as well as outreach and planning materials to get started.

Step 5: Stay in Touch!

Stay informed by joining our Living Well facilitator listserv. Technical Assistance webinars, program updates and opportunities will be announced via this listserv. Email with a request to join!

If you have questions, please contact:
or call 406-243-5741 or 406-243-4688
TTY: 406-243-5467


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