Living Well 5th Edition

Get ready, get set for Living Well 5th Edition!

What is changing?

  • Updates to curriculum content
  • Program name and design
  • Facilitator training upgrades
  • Program licensing

Why the change?

  • It was time! The last significant curriculum update was in 2010.
  • Living Well program providers requested change; we answered.
  • Problems needed fixing; we made improvements.

How did this come about?

The Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC:Rural) received a grant to update the Living Well with a Disability curriculum in 2015 as part of a project called Healthy Community Living. The end result is the reliable and long-standing curriculum you love and trust, but with a few key content updates, a new name and a new look.

Now called Living Well in the Community, the curriculum sits within the overarching Healthy Community Living (HCL) program. Paired with another brand new curriculum we’ve developed called Community Living Skills, the HCL program answers the call from service providers for fresh and up-to-date health and Independent Living skills training.

What is great about the changes?

Healthy Community Living (HCL) is a national project that has brought together organizational leaders, Centers for Independent Living staff and consumers, and researchers to develop Independent Living skills and health and wellbeing programming that is innovative, adaptive and inclusive. After several years of working to bring vision to reality, HCL is almost ready for launch! The HCL program contains two workshops: Community Living Skills, and Living Well in the Community (previously titled Living Well with a Disability).

Under its new title, Living Well in the Community will offer updated facilitator training and workshop content on a web-based platform, and will include media of real people and real communities to enhance the workshop experience. This new edition of Living Well was adapted from the print manual in partnership with staff at Centers for Independent Living across the country, over the course of three years. We are proud of this new version, and are excited to share it.

What do I need to know now?

Living Well in the Community will be launched as part of the Healthy Community Living (HCL) program in Fall 2019.

  • January 2019 will be the final month in which you may purchase a year-long license for the current version of Living Well with a Disability (LWD), which includes access to the online facilitator training (see page: How to Become a Provider for more info)
  • If you are a current LWD license holder and your license is due to expire at any time in 2019, it will be automatically extended until December 31st, 2019.
    • For example, if your organization purchased or renewed an annual program license this past May which would be set to expire in May 2019, we will extend your license and access to the facilitator training site through December 2019.
  • After January 1st, 2020, we will shut down the current Living Well with a Disability facilitator training website, and will no longer accept orders for print manuals.
  • Starting in January 2020, we will support and encourage all LWD program providers to make the transition to Living Well in the Community and utilize the new training and workshop platform.
    • Organizations may still continue to use the workbooks if they wish, but RTC:Rural will no longer take orders nor provide technical assistance or training for the current edition of Living Well with a Disability.


If your organization plans to train any new LWD facilitators in 2019, you MUST purchase or renew your program license and facilitator training site access by the end of January 2019. Trainees may then continue to access the facilitator site throughout 2019. If your organization does not secure access to the LWD facilitator training site by the end of January 2019, you will need to wait until the official release of the Healthy Community Living program.

We are confident you will enjoy all that Healthy Community Living has to offer, and we know that you may also have questions or concerns. We are committed to making this program transition as easy as possible and will provide regularly scheduled updates to keep you informed. You may also wish to subscribe to the Healthy Community Living eNewsletter. Included below are a few frequently asked questions and their answers; please let us know how else we can assist you by emailing


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Living Well with a Disability (LWD) and Living Well in the Community (LWC)?

  • Living Well in the Community (LWC) will still be an evidence-based, peer-led health promotion workshop intended for groups, and it still has most of the same content as LWD. Facilitators will still be trained online. The main difference is that LWC facilitators will use the workshop website to lead group discussions and activities, instead of using a print manual. The workshop website also showcases media collected and submitted by HCL project partners and community members, and contains many more resources. LWC offers more ways to meet diverse learning styles and needs.

What about Working Well with a Disability?

  • For now, Working Well will remain as is. Facilitator training dates will continue to be announced through the Listserv, and print manuals may still be ordered as usual. To receive announcements related to Working Well, email with a request to join the Listserv.

How much will HCL cost?

  • The program license, renewed annually, for Healthy Community Living will be $500 and will include:
    • Access for 5 facilitators to the facilitator trainings for both Community Living Skills (CLS) and Living Well in the Community (LWC)
    • Access to the workshop websites for both CLS and LWC, which are used to present during workshops
    • Technical assistance from RTC:Rural

What is Community Living Skills?

  • Community Living Skills (CLS) is the brand new curriculum within the Healthy Community Living program. The CLS workshop provides introductory information on a number of topics specific to living independently in the community, and is designed with individuals in transition in mind. The workshop can help participants practice making decisions for themselves and help them understand all the options in their community.

What technology will I need to have for the HCL program?

  • Both the Community Living Skills and Living Well workshops in the HCL program are multi-media web-based workshops, meaning that they use multiple mediums to present information, such as with the web, videos, text, images, and handouts. A successful room will include the following (in addition to meeting accessibility standards and needed accommodations):
    • An internet connection that is fast enough to play videos
    • The ability to project onto a screen or television for participants to view during class
    • Audio speakers to ensure participants can hear the videos
    • A facilitator or two facilitators who are comfortable presenting from a screen and navigating websites

How will I stay informed?