How to Become a Facilitator

To provide the Living Well With a Disability or the Working Well With a Disability Workshops, one or more organization/agency employees participates in facilitator training sessions provided by the Rural Institute and the agency agrees to the licensing terms of providing the program which include ordering and using Rural Institute materials for consumer workshops

The facilitator training takes place in an asynchronous, online classroom, two weeks for Living Well, and one week for Working Well. Trainees learn to facilitate the workshop material by going through the curriculum as if they were participating in a consumer workshop themselves.  During the course of the training, trainees watch videos, read the facilitator guide, complete exercises, engage in online group discussions and participate in two live webinars.

Each trainee receives a Facilitator Guide, which is available in a variety of accessible formats including standard print, audio, large print and Braille. The Guide includes the same content found in the participant workbook as well as specific tips and guidelines for facilitators.


The cost for the online facilitator training is $150 per person for Living Well and $130 per person for Working Well payable when participants register.  The fee includes a facilitator manual in a format of your choice.  It also includes access to the online classroom and daily interaction with the training facilitator, access to captioned training videos and two live captioned webinars.

In-person trainings are also available but vary in cost based on location, group size and training needs.  If you are interested in an in-person facilitator training, please email us for an estimate.

For details about training opportunities please send us an email:

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